Spencer Educational Foundation grants more than $1.6 million


Spencer Educational Foundation grants more than $1.6 million | Insurance Business America

The organization supports more than 14,000 students through programs, scholarships, and funding

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The Spencer Educational Foundation (Spencer), a non-profit organization supporting education in risk management and insurance, has awarded over $1.6 million to students and organizations for risk management and insurance education.

In 2023, the organization has awarded 103 scholarships, 32 internship grants, 22 Risk Manager on Campus (RMOC) grants, 16 general grants, and 14 course development grants.

“We are immensely grateful to our partners and donors for their dedicated support of our mission to promote education in risk management and insurance,” said Megan Miller, executive director of the Spencer Educational Foundation.

“This generosity has enabled us to provide valuable financial support to talented students pursuing careers in these insurance industry fields,” she added.

The internship grants program provides funding for risk managers to hire interns in their organizations’ risk management function as well as provide real-world business environments where interns will be able to apply their knowledge while gaining hands-on experience and developing industry contacts.

The RMOC grants program gives grants up to $5,000 for universities to bring a practicing risk manager to their campus to present and engage with students about the risk management profession and insurance industry over a period of 1-3 days.

The general grants program supports student-centered experiential learning opportunities in universities, as well as industry organizations, while the course development grants support the creation and development of introductory and additional RMI courses for universities in the US and Canada.

The support provided by Spencer is based on merit instead of financial need.

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