Nokia Demonstrates 6G Sensing, Safer Railway Networks and More at India Mobile Congress 2023


Nokia on Friday demonstrated several 6G and 5G technologies at the 2023 India Mobile Congress in New Delhi. The company showed off a radar-like sensing technology that uses 6G connectivity, a Rapid Rail NCRTC private wireless network, a 4G/ LTE network on the Moon, and real-time extended reality multimedia technology, among others, at the annual telecom technology forum. Nokia also demoed a metaverse-based intelligent factory management system that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), extended reality (XR), blockchain, and decentralised technology at its showcase.

The company showed off a new 6G sensing technology that is aimed at granting users “situational awareness” of their surroundings, with the ability to see what’s around a corner, or remotely interact with objects without touching them. Nokia says the sensing technology protects user privacy, acts like a radar, and can sense people, objects and their movements.

Nokia also demonstrated a private wireless network for National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) Delhi to Meerut RRTS that has been developed in partnership with French multinational firm Alstom. This is the first LTE/4.9G private wireless network in the world that has been built with support for European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 Signalling — allowing authorities to view their location and movement details in real-time, according to the company.

Aimed at providing 360-degree video and audio capturing for industrial and commercial customers, Nokia’s Real-time eXtended Reality Multimedia (RXRM) software that was shown off is capable of increasing safety for employees while raising productivity levels and increasing efficiency in in the enterprise.

Another technology demonstrated by the company, the SteadEband is a stabilised antenna that is capable of increasing E-band link distance by up to 50 percent, while avoiding issues like tower vibrations, or materials moving due to thermal changes that affect E-band performance.

The DeepField Defender technology shown off by Nokia is aimed at providing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks using specialised network routers and DDoS mitigation systems while offering better scalability, granular controls, more reliable detection, and cheaper costs, Nokia said in a prepared statement.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s metaverse-based intelligent factory management system was also demonstrated at the 2023 India Mobile Congress on Friday. It uses modern technologies that are still developing — AI and ML, XR, blockchain, and decentralised networks. The intelligent factory management system is aimed at optimising factory operations and making them more efficient and interactive while cutting down on errors and defects, according to the company.

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