Munich Re Automation Solutions bolsters insurance underwriting with new point of sale module


Munich Re Automation Solutions bolsters insurance underwriting with new point of sale module | Insurance Business America

New tech expected to streamline the customer experience for life insurers


Kenneth Araullo

Munich Re Automation Solutions has announced the launch of Interview Screens, a new module for its point of sale solution, SARA.

This latest addition to the SARA platform offers a solution that integrates the insurer’s branding into the user interface. The objective is to provide a smooth experience for applicants navigating the underwriting process.

SARA features comprehensive underwriting rules for life and health insurance, including its capacity to underwrite over 90% of applications in less than two minutes. SARA is also up-to-date with the latest medical advancements and offers a personalized experience by analyzing underwriting data.

The Interview Screens function by engaging the underwriting engine, which directs the presentation of questions and prompts user interaction. Based on the applicant’s profile, initial interview questions determine the need for reflexive questions or specific underwriting actions following disclosures.

SARA Interview Screens also marks a significant development in digital underwriting technology, it was suggested, providing insurers with an efficient, comprehensive solution for processing policy applications.

“SARA Interview Screens streamline the initial phase of the insurance application process. The client system now seamlessly transitions to our underwriting engine, which expertly handles the Screens. This approach accelerates projects by reducing overall effort and time, making it an ideal solution for customers with time or resource constraints who seek configurable out-of-the-box application interfaces,” Munich Re Automation Solutions chief commercial officer Alby Van Wyk said.

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