Gnosis outlines plans for further expansion


Gnosis outlines plans for further expansion | Insurance Business America

Operational focus remains on enhancing cyber engagement


Kenneth Araullo

Gnosis, a tech consultancy firm serving reinsurance and insurance clients based in Bermuda, has observed a significant growth trajectory since its establishment two years prior to the pandemic. The global health crisis, rather than impeding its progress, catalysed the firm’s development, particularly in facilitating remote work solutions.

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the firm, a milestone that reflects its strong performance in the Bermuda market, especially as a managed service provider. According to Corey Brunton, co-founder and chief operating officer, Gnosis has gained a considerable reputation locally.

“We are performing extremely well in the Bermuda market. Gnosis has established a strong reputation on the island as a managed service provider,” Brunton said in a report from The Royal Gazette.

Currently, Gnosis is focusing on staff expansion and development. The team is based at 99 Front Street in Hamilton, and its operational focus is on optimizing client networks and enhancing cybersecurity engagement.

Neil Lupsic, now CEO of Gnosis, and Brunton formed the company to address a gap in proactive IT management services in Bermuda. At the time, Lupsic was the chief technology officer at Digicel Group, and Brunton was an account manager at Applied Computer Technologies.

The client base of Gnosis predominantly comprises insurance and reinsurance companies, although it also serves various professional offices, including those of dentists and doctors. Brunton emphasized Gnosis’s role in supporting clients who value their services.

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