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New service helps brokers and businesses defend against cyber risk

Cyber insurance provider Coalition has announced the launch of CoalitionAI, a new initiative to deploy generative AI and large-language models to help brokers and businesses defend against cyber risk.

US-based brokers and businesses can access CoalitionAI, which features AI-powered education and chat features including:

    • CoalitionAI Broker Copilot: Appointed brokers in the US now have access to this generative AI chatbot, which is embedded in the Coalition broker dashboard and can answer questions about cybersecurity best practices, cyber policy coverage options and more. The Broker Copilot is trained on publicly available documents and resources published by Coalition for broker inquiries and education
    • CoalitionAI Security Copilot: This feature allows businesses using Coalition Control, the company’s cyber risk assessment and monitoring platform, to seek details on cybersecurity vulnerabilities, better understand coverage contingencies, and learn ways to resolve cybersecurity issues

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“This new wave of generative AI will unequivocally change the insurance industry and transform the broker experience,” said Joshua Motta, co-founder and CEO of Coalition. “Our Broker Copilot and Security Copilot are just the beginning. Over time, the entire active insurance experience – from risk selection to active security protection to active response – will all benefit from generative AI that can help reduce the impact of cyber risk.”

CoalitionAI’s current features use a combination of proprietary technology, large-language modeling and generative pre-trained transformers. Coalition plans to introduce additional AI capabilities to support its active insurance offerings, including active risk assessment, active protection and active response. Brokers and Coalition Control users will gain access to additional AI tools in the coming months, the company said.

“AI is already reshaping the cyber risk landscape,” said Tiago Henriques, vice president of security research at Coalition. “While we are applying our AI expertise to improve the broker and customer experience, we are also focused on keeping up with emerging AI-related vulnerabilities. Part of our commitment to protecting the unprotected is helping our policyholders both understand the risks and reap the benefits of new technologies.”

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